I’ve always been told that the key to selling a product is to tell people the benefit they will receive. In this case, I am selling myself, my words, my thoughts, in the form of the writing on this blog. So, why is that worth your time? Why read my blog when there are so many others?

First: I’ve not got that many posts so far so it’s not exactly like I’m asking for a huge time commitment. Also because I am an author and if you’re like me then you are very much interested in what other authors are like and what they are doing. So far I have gotten four short stories published in various science fiction and literary magazines. You can see them at Electric SpecFabula ArgenteaBards and Sages Quarterly, Farther Stars Than These,and elsewhere.

But wait, there’s more! I am also a publishing student at Belmont University and am training to be an editor. That means that one day, your success as a writer may be dependent on how much I like you. And I don’t forgive easily.

I am currently working for The Belmont Story Review which is an upstart magazine run by the former head of The Missouri Review, Richard Sowienski. As such, I have an insight into both sides of the writing process that could be beneficial to you as a writer or reader.

Next: you know how interesting the life of a college student is. Why sometimes, I spend all day watching Netflix (You watched Daredevil yet? You really should).

Finally, I come highly recommended. Just listen to what these real people are saying about me:

“Matt is a fine man and an excellent author.”

-Matt’s Writing Mentor

Or this other raving review:

“Matt is a kind and wise man. He also has a great butt.”

-Matt’s Girlfriend

Or this:

“I always knew Matt was destined for great things.”

-Matt’s Gran

And of course:

“[Matt] is the greatest author to ever live. I wish my writing was as good as [Matt’s].”

-William Shakespeare (Quote not verbatim).

‘Nuff said?

What you can expect from me is progress reports on my books, writing advice from both sides of the process (learned through trial and error), random thoughts (raspberries), and of course the occasional movie review (you seen that Twilight film? Masterpiece).

So right now for only 2 easy payments of $19.99 you can read this fabulous blog for free (do not question logic)!

her page.


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