Published Works


Paper Walls

“The woman in the room behind me always has the loudest thoughts.”

Available at Electric Spec

Genre: science fiction

You Are Now Leaving Heaven

“Sarah turned to Liz and said, ‘I think I’m going with an athletic build.'”

Available at Fabula Argentea

Genres: Flash Fiction, Afterlife, Humor

Pros and Cons

“Pros and Cons of Downloading my consciousness into a robot body…”

Available from Farther Stars Than These

Genres: Flash Fiction, Science Fiction

The Ten-a-Penny Parable

“Alright, so we’re in a city, you all with me so far? So in this city there’s this man; we’ll call him Person A and Person A has ten million dollars in a briefcase.”

Available at Beechwood Review

Genres: Flash Fiction, Parable

A Suicide note

“A wise pair of sneakers once told me that we all have our lot in life…”

Available at Fabula Argentea

Genres: Flash Fiction, Humor

A Late Night Drive

“It was eleven O’clock and James was on his third beer of the night when his teenage sister called him to say that their father was dead and to come right away. “

Coming soon from The J.J. Outré Review

Genres: Mystery, Crime



“The first rule I learned of my trade is as follows: when assembling a complex sequence, always create the simplest possible combination that still achieves the desired result.”

Available in Kindle  and print from Bards and Sages Quarterly

Genres: Science Fiction

The Final Jared Daxx

“On the night before I left Earth, my father called me for the first time in five years.”

Available at Nebula Rift.

Genres: Science Fiction

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